Professional Aviation Service is a modern Authorized Cirrus Service Center located in Ozzano, Emilia (BOLOGNA) in the north part of Italy with an easy access from major European cities.

We are a part of Global Network of an Authorize Service Centers with an access to Cirrus Aircraft parts and the latest procedures to ensure world-class service and support. Contact our Team for more information and updates.



Our dedicated team is always ready to provide support and answer questions, so that your aircraft is returned to service as soon as possible. We are equipped to handle remote unscheduled request, complete diagnostic support, and on-site assistance at the aircraft’s location. We are able to provide other means of transportation and aircraft replacement to enable our Customers to continue their trip to a given destination.

Tel: +39 051795009
Mobile & WhatsApp: +39 3293982662


Professional Aviation Service is approved as a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO). We provide a complete airworthiness management service for corporate and private aircraft owners. As CAMO we are also responsible for scheduling and ordering periodic maintenance work, which allows us to plan aircraft inspections at highest precision. With Professional Aviation Your aircraft is in the best hands!

CAMO management is only available for EASA-registered aircraft. Other services such as SB & AD review are available for N-registered aircraft. For more information, visit the Aircraft Management section of the website or contact our team.


As an Authorized Cirrus Service in Italy, we are closely associated and cooperating with the Cirrus aircraft brand worldwide. Therefore, we offer professional inspections combined with a comprehensive aircraft evaluation. Feel free to contact our consultant to learn more about this topic and get full support for the possible sale or purchase of an aircraft.


Talk to our technical support before buying an aircraft. We will check the technical condition of the aircraft, documentation, reviews and compliance assessment for you and verify its market value. Feel free to contact us!

Ferry flights & pilot services

If your Cirrus is due for maintenance, but you don’t have time or opportunity to drop it off and pick it up again at Your service center, we can help you by flying the aircraft to our Service Center in and returning it to the airfield of your choice. What is more, if you decide on a purchase of a new or pre-owned Cirrus aircraft, our experienced certified Cirrus Pilots will provide a ferry flight from the USA or any other country to your destination in Europe. In order to agree upon details, please contact our Team